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CCPS is a quality driven provider of high risk merchant accounts and services. We strive to keep our merchants happy and this is why they keep coming back!
Low Rates and Account stability. We want your business for the long term and our service level proves just that.
We offer alternative payment methods such as Echeck and ACH so you may never miss a payment opportunity.
Relationships with multiple processors and banks, in order to place our merchants into the best terms and accounts.
Unparalleled customer service who will take care of you and your precious account every step along the way.
Strong commitment to make our merchants successful and happy, headache free! Fill the form and we will get your Revenue Flowing!

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Are you a High Risk Merchant? Many merchants start applying for a merchant account unknowing that they are a high risk merchant. If you have been declined by a bank or processor, it is most likely that you are a high risk merchant. This is not a negative category of the merchant accounts world, however you will need a specialized merchant provider to help. High Risk merchants range from many eCommerce categories, trial and recurring charge merchants and even into the travel industry to name a few. If you have been declined for a merchant account we can usually help get your account up and running as we are specialized in high risk merchant accounts. High risk usually means that the main banks cannot accept you. We can Quickly & Easily accept over 90% of all high risk business. If you apply now on our homepage you will find that our rates are the lowest in the industry. Simply fill the form and you will experience our smooth process and headache free savings! Whatever you business type, we can do it as we have a vast variety of different business type merchants running smoothly.

Whether you need a primary, secondary or backup account, we will beat any rate, and we believe in offering the lowest rates and keeping them low so you can save money and remain our loyal customer. We can help you get your high risk merchant account up and running at a great rate, and keep it running. Reliability and low rates are what keep us in business and keeps our merchants coming back.

If you do need another account, we are always proactive in having another solution available for you, in case you need more volume, a second account for accounting purposes or just a replacement account. We want to take the worry out of your high risk merchant account related needs and allow you to concentrate on running your business. We can help you grow your merchant account into larger volumes . With our solid partnerships and agreements, we have established over 20 reliable banks in the high risk merchant account industry and we want to make things easy for you and stress free. Our understanding of rates and fees in the business will allow us to get you the best prices so that you are maximizing your profits and allowing you ability to compete in your high risk industry, with the opportunity to grow your business and profits.

Whether you are accepting Credit Cards or ACH (echecks), domestic or offshore, online or moto, we can make sure you are always with an account and that business flows smoothly. You also may want to accept both Credit Cards and ACH (and checks) to maximize your merchant services and never miss a sale. We provide all low, medium and high risk merchant services and accounts while working with each merchant to make sure his/her needs are met in the quest to help you grow and be successful. Fill out our form or give us a call (or both) and we will take care of your merchant accounts for you. Providing a means to success is our goal as a merchant account provider. We can board all types of merchant accounts and normally within 2-3 business days (higher risk merchants with no processing history may take a day or two more) you will be up and running. We also aim to always have an account running for you. Being prepared is always the best way to work in any business, that is our practice.


We have a large portfolio of ACH and Check21 clients. These clients have the best rates in the industry. Our integration keeps things running smoothly and the low costs keep our merchants maximizing profit. Let us get you more volume, AND you will see the savings. We want a chance to win all your business.


We can board all types of merchant accounts and normally within 2-3 business days you will be up and running. We It is always best to have an alternative payment option for your clients. By adding checks, for most types of businesses, we have found that you can capture an extra 3% – 36% of transactions/revenue, depending on your business type and product/service offered. It is never a good idea to turn down a client because they do not have a credit card. Ask us about our low cost ACH options and you will be happy with the extra revenue.


Get your money faster. We can get you setup quickly and make sure you always have an account to accept your payment

Fewer Restrictions. With Credit Card and ACH you we can keep your accounts going and get you backup accounts so that you always receive your payments

Reduce Risk of Fraudulent Transactions. . Digital signature capture helps eliminate fraud. On the payment page, the customer signs an authorization using the computer mouse which authorizes the transaction, protecting you from chargebacks.


Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing you the best high risk processing technology at the lowest rates available in the marketplace. Specialized knowledge and experience with high risk processing gives us the ability to truly understand your business payment processing needs. Your company does not need to be classified as a high risk merchant to benefit from our anti-fraud secure technology.