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Check21 - Electronic Checks Increase Revenue

Check21 is available for merchants who do not fit the criteria for ACH approval. Check21 is basically a check that gets deposited into your bank account (electronically) where you use your authorization number (recording or paper auth number) as the signature on the check. You don’t have to do anything except enter your sale into the virtual terminal we provide you and the funds are deposited into your bank account soon after. This is in contrast to the 3-5 day wait for ACH funds to be deposited (provided you maintain a balance in your bank account). It is as simple as that.

High Risk Merchant Services - ACH Payment Processing

Fast, Safe and Effective method to accept payments on your website, or by phone, fax, or mail. We accept any type of legal business, including ALL high risk types, who need to collect payments from customer’s checking accounts. Our high approval rates speak for themselves and keep our merchants running smoothly.

If you are already accepting credit cards, why not add ACH to the payment methods you provide to your customers. ACH or Bank Draft is another electronic payment method that drafts the funds from your clients' bank account. It is fast, safe and most of all easy. Ask us about ACH or Check21 today and start accepting more payments.

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