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Specialized in High Risk Merchants Credit Card Processing!

WWe will explain the process step by step so that you will understand how easy it really is. Easy setup takes only hours for you to start saving money. Our studies have shown that with a good percentage decrease in your processing rate, these savings can add up to substantial amounts month after month. If you need a higher risk merchant account, we can provide you with a strong bank to keep your payments flowing. For ACH and Check Drafts our unbeatable backend software can help balance your returns to keep your accounts efficient and healthy. Savings and Reliability together with our unbeatable level of customer service are two important reasons to switch to CCPS for your business.

We have been using our high risk merchants credit card processing business model for almost 10 years and it shows. We like to keep things simple. You will not only save money, which can add up to a lot, month after month, but you will also feel confident with our experience and technical know-how keeping your payments steady. We feel that saving you money, along with offering a high level of customer service, keeps you in control.

We strive to get your account setup quickly and to make sure everything is done smoothly. We want to take care of your processing needs so that you can run your business. When running a business, the last thing on your mind should be your processing account.

Our introductory appointment will start us analysing and factoring your previous processing statement to make sure we get you the best pricing plan to save you money. We will get your terminals in place and your account running within a few days to start your savings accumulating. We are always here to help you and if you have any questions we are just a phone call away.

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